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                          Vertical double wall corrugated pipe production line


                          1. It can produce pipe diameter 200-800mm, the highest rice speed exceeds 3.5m/min.

                          2. Efficient single screw extruder or conical twin screw extruder is optional.

                          3. A new generation of air-cooled or water-cooled systems with high cooling efficiency.

                          4. PLC automatic control, man-machine interface, easy to operate.

                          5. A new generation of hydraulic pressure distributor, efficient and stable.


                          The vertical double-wall corrugated pipe production line produced by Bevelon Machinery mainly uses PE or PVC as raw materials, uses high-efficiency energy-saving units, and double-machine co-extrusion, supplemented by a highly automated control system such as Siemens or B&R. The main production caliber 200-800mm double-wall corrugated pipe, the vertical double-wall corrugated pipe production line has low energy consumption, high output, high automation, easy operation and perfect online flaring.

                          Due to its unique structure, double-wall corrugated pipe has the advantages of light weight, good impact resistance, high ring stiffness, strong corrosion resistance, cold resistance and heat resistance. It is widely used in power cable sheathing pipes, urban drainage (water supply), Agricultural irrigation, ground seepage irrigation and building water supply.

                          Excellent and efficient cone-type twin-screw extruder

                          BFL-SJSZ series conical twin-screw extruder adopts 38CrMoAlA+ cemented carbide screw. Due to the optimized bimetallic conical twin-screw design, the extruder has high plasticizing rate, uniform melt and continuous production line stability. The high-performance gearbox is optimized to reduce noise and is equipped with a drive motor Xi'an Sima AC motor, which saves electricity and is efficient.

                          Extruder head

                          Double-flow channel structure, nitriding and polishing treatment, short-flow channel structure realizes low-temperature and low-pressure extrusion, and the head-side wall adjustment structure makes the partial wall adjustment extremely convenient and reliable, shortens the adjustment time, and is easy to operate.

                          Automated industrial control system

                          The whole machine control system adopts Siemens' latest generation SIMATIC industrial automation control system, cooperates with Siemens SIMATIC MULTI PANEL touch screen, human-machine interactive interface, all system parameters are clear at a glance, can realize the speed regulation of two main engines, gearbox oil temperature, main engine speed, melting Set, storage, correction, alarm, monitoring, display and other functions of body pressure, melt temperature, barrel temperature, mold temperature, molding speed, etc., a new generation of temperature control module, can accurately control temperature at 1 °C Within.

                          Seamlessly moving to Industry 4.0

                          Combined with the latest generation of automation systems, we can also provide you with a complete solution for Industry 4.0, enabling your plant to achieve digital production and management, allowing your equipment to wander through the cloud, combining PC or mobile app, device maintenance and Control will no longer be local, allowing you to more easily respond to increasingly demanding plant and machinery requirements, increase efficiency, and reduce losses caused by long-term downtime due to failure or other causes.

                          The output of the bellows production equipment is determined by the cooling efficiency of the corrugated molding module. The output of the bellows production equipment is determined by the cooling efficiency of the corrugated molding module. The output of the bellows production equipment is determined by the cooling efficiency of the corrugated molding module. The production capacity of the production equipment is determined by the cooling efficiency of the corrugated molding module, and we have made many improvements to the cooling system.

                          Double wall corrugated pipe - vertical
                          modelExtruder typePipe diameter(ID)Host typeYield(kg/h)Maximum speed(m/min)Extrusion power(KW)
                          BFL-DWC-600Single screw200-600mm










                          BFL-DWC-600Cone double200-600mm