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                          WPC wood plastic profile production line


                          A brief description: 
                          1, the raw material is added to other waste sawdust, rice husk, straw, so it is more environmentally friendly.
                          2. Looks like natural wood
                          3. Recyclable
                          A detailed description: 
                          WPC wood-plastic production line can be used to produce PE / PP / PVC and wood composites:
                          1. The special screw design can make the material mix and plasticize fully and evenly;
                          2. Humidity control during mixing treatment can reduce carbonization;
                          3. In terms of product molding, we will recommend that you use the best vacuum setting table to increase the molding rate and reduce the non-conforming product;
                          4, PLC control system makes all operations easy, convenient, accurate and so on.
                          5. The sander and embossing machine make the product look like real wood, such as adding wood texture to the surface;
                          Application range:
                          Swimming pool, garden, school, park, lawn, pier, playground, corridor, hotel, ***
                          Competitive Advantage: 
                          1. Look and feel like natural wood
                          2. Rugged, impact resistant, weatherproof, high density
                          3. High color stability and impact resistance
                          4. High moisture resistance and termites
                          5. Easy to install and low labor costs
                          6. No need for painting, no glue, low maintenance
                          7.100% recycling, environmental protection, saving forest resources
                          8. Can be barefoot, non-slip, no cracking
                          9. Suitable - 40 ° C to 60 ° C temperature and corrosion protection