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                          Production process of PE pipe production line

                          Author: ComeFrom: Date:2018-08-28 13:27:36 Hits:204

                          First, raw materials and additives must be prepared. After mixing with the mixer, the raw materials for the PE pipe production line are ready. The material is then introduced into the screw barrel of the PE pipe production line by means of a conveying and conveying device. At the same time, the conical twin-screw extruder works. After the material is plasticized, the unformed PE pipe production line will pass through the extruder head.

                          The PE pipe production line is then placed in a sizing sleeve and an outer tube is formed after spraying the vacuum forming box. After the cold water tank is immersed, the ink printer needs to print the font on the PE pipe production line and the ink printer passes. The crawler pulls the pipe forward and sets the parameters of the lift according to the required length. It will be cut off at the specified time and the produced pipe will fall on the pipe stacker.

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