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                          What should I pay attention to when cleaning PVC pipe production line?

                          Author: ComeFrom: Date:2018-08-28 13:27:59 Hits:189
                          The cleaning of PVC pipe production line equipment is very important for the normal production of pipes. Of course, we also need to pay attention to some necessary details when cleaning. Today, let's take a look at the things to be aware of when cleaning PVC pipe production lines.

                          PVC pipe production line
                          (1) A lot of pre-cleaning work is done, and we should also ensure that our equipment is in very good health when it is cleaned.

                          (2) Care must be taken to remove oil from the surface of the workpiece. When repairing, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned of oil.

                          (3) The grinding process of the grinding machine generally needs to restore the surface of the part, but this will increase the time of the repair process and greatly reduce the repair efficiency.

                          (4) In the course of use, a large amount of oil is often caused, and the presence of oil will affect its maintenance work. If the surface of some parts is not worn seriously, sanding with abrasive cloth.

                          (5) For some copper kits that can be repaired with metal spray, metal spray can be applied during the repair process to reduce repair time and improve repair efficiency.
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